Feel Better About Yourself

Start the new year by taking steps towards feeling better about yourself. Don't let the stress of everyday challenges get you down and prevent you from living to your fullest potential. Healthy self-esteem is cultivated on the inside. Everyone deserves to feel good about themselves. Begin now...

A negative self-image is a major happiness hurdle.

It is almost impossible to lose yourself in the throes of joy when your inner critic serves as a steady reminder of how you aren’t enough and don’t deserve the life you crave.

A damaging flood of continuous thought can overwhelm you and convince you that your mind speaks only the truth. 

Just because you think it, doesn’t make it true.

Even folks with healthy levels of self-esteem and self-worth struggle with navigating through the difficult days.

It is hard out there and you are regularly bombarded with real-life examples that force you to question yourself:

You produced a less than stellar performance at work.

You did something to someone that you are not proud of and you are pretty certain that if your mother found out, she would be disappointed.

You took 20 huge steps towards becoming slow to anger, annoy, and irritate then it takes less than five seconds for the cashier at Target to tick you off.

In an instant, you seemed to have forgotten the lessons revealed during the meditation practice, the podcast, the book, or the therapy session you had earlier that day.

As long as you live, things will happen and you will be tested (it kinda keeps things interesting).

However, there are things that we can do to reduce the negative feelings associated with our unfavorable actions as well as minimize the recovery time between incidents.

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