Figure Out What You Want And Get It

Figure out how to build the life you actually want. Too often we are living lives created for us, but not by us. Learn how to begin the steps to designing a life you are excited to live.

Believe it or not YOU can have a life that is meaningful, fulfilling, and joyous.

Let’s be honest here, too many of us are spending time looking longingly through a window into someone else’s life.  You hear stories of people following their dreams, creating thriving businesses, chasing passion projects, traveling the world and wonder, “How do they do that?”  You convince yourself that their lives are the result of perfect timing, luck, fame, and trust funds, or all of the above.  You also assume that anyone claiming to have a life filled with unbreakable bonds, love, support, wealth, purpose, bottle service, and joy must be broadcasting through a filtered façade.

It’s sometimes hard to admit that people are actually crushing it because it leaves us with an incessant nagging caused by our own unquenched desires.  If we convince ourselves that the only reason “those people” have achieved is because of who they know or because they are stronger, smarter, more creative, more worthy, or more beautiful than us, than we don’t have to take any action or assume any accountability.

Why aren’t you living a more meaningful, fulfilling, and joyous life?

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