Heart Hacks

A “Heart Hack” is a tip or trick used to create an intentional and fulfilling life that you are excited to live.  Here you will find a featured “Heart Hack” of the week!

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Heart Hack # Seven: Choose to be Positive

Commit to projecting positivity at home, at work, and in your personal relationships.  Your positive presence will not only be a gift to those around you, but it might inspire others to model your behavior.

Heart Hack # Six: Choose to Live a Life of Generosity

Commit to doing something for someone each day.  Remember that generosity can be shown in many forms.  You can give your time, you can give compassion and support, you can give someone a reason to smile, and/or you can give your gifts to the world.

Heart Hack # Five: Choose to Surround Yourself with the Right People

Find your tribe.  It is absolutely worth it.  Approach creating/preserving your friend group with the same passion you use to find a romantic partner. If someone isn’t bringing out the best in you, they might not be the right fit.

Heart Hack # Four: Choose to Reframe your Circumstances

If you believe that the events of your life are intended to help you to achieve your highest potential, you will begin to view challenges as opportunities.  Train your eye to look for the “gift” in the pain. 

Heart Hack # Three: Choose to Believe that You are Here for a Reason

Your presence, your friendship, the love you give, the work you do…all matters.  Even if your life isn’t exactly where you want it to be, you have a choice to believe that what you do in this moment makes a difference. The real power comes when you not only believe it, but you live it and behave as if this is undoubtedly true.

Heart Hack # Two: Choose to Protect your Time and Commitments to YOURSELF

Do you have big plans this weekend to curl up on the couch and watch a couple of episodes of “Stranger Things.”   Or maybe you are excited to block off time to work on your novel or clean out your closet because it is giving you the blues. Sounds to me, like you already have plans. You made a commitment to yourself. You are busy.  We have the tendency to put off the things we have committed to ourselves to commit to something or someone else.  We fell as if we are being dishonest or disloyal when we protect our time.  A date with yourself should not be broken.  Stop being your own worst flaky friend. 

Heart Hack # One: Choose to Live with Gratitude

It is easy to get all tangled up in the challenges that are growing and stretching you. When stress, pain, and/or disappointment are hot and heavy our blessings can become unrecognizable.  But, if you pause for one moment and make a conscious effort to reposition your thoughts, I am certain that you can find one thing (possibly more) that makes you feel grateful. It is difficult to wallow in despair and feel thankful at the exact same time.