About TEH

I want to share with you…

an idea, a thought, a laugh, a story about that time I saw something beautiful and felt inspired.

I want to share something that triggers your creativity, makes you fall in love with your space, motivates you to cook or prompts you to brunch and drink mimosas with your friends.

I want to share all the things that remind you to live with gratitude, to chase your passions, and to take care of those you love, including yourself.

This blog is about any and all things that fill my heart with pure elation. It isn’t about over scheduling your life with more; we all know the magic really happens in the ‘in-between-spaces.” This is about being deliberate with your happiness and cracking open your situations and circumstances to expose the potential for joy lingering below the surface. 

The collective power of sharing is terribly underrated. Through my sharing, my hope is that you will be compelled to look at the life you are living and find your pockets of wonder and purpose.  Once you find yours, maybe you will be encouraged to share your journey with others…

and so the cycle of cultivating a fulfilling life begins.

With All My Elated Heart,