Do you throw away your scraps?

“I am just so busy” is a relatable and common condition among many. We always manage to deplete our perceived fixed allotment of time, especially when it comes to the things we want or need to do the most.   We are too busy to take vacations or get enough sleep, too busy to do the things that light us up and even too busy to look our barista in the eyes when they pass us a cup of coffee.  Being over-worked and over-scheduled seems to be an admirable badge of honor. You must be totally exhausted and frantically running from one place to another, to prove that you are a responsible, conscientious adult.  This thought caused me to examine all the stuff that is currently feasting on my time.  I challenged myself to look at the things I have to do, the things I want to do, and the things I do because I am too tired to do anything else. Are you making great use of your time?   Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to create more time, but we do have the ability to create more space, repurpose time, and utilize our residuals more efficiently.

 Do you throw out your scraps?  For those of you that bake, you probably understand what I am talking about…those pieces that are left behind after you have cut out exactly 12 perfect cookies or formed your desired number of cranberry scones. Many of us do, for fear of ending up with a product that is too tough or less palatable.  Or maybe you just ran out of room on the pan?  The truth is, you might not even be giving those little scraps a second thought as you are tossing them straight into the trash. What about those “little scraps” left behind in our lives?  Really, those scraps could represent anything that you aren’t maximizing to its fullest potential. What would happen if you let go of the notion of not having time or waiting until the perfect time? Or if you accepted the fact that yes, 5 minutes is enough to begin carving out a moment to do the thing you love, to call your sister, or to jot down creative ideas. If you were no longer bound by the idea that results are only achieved a certain way or that certain amounts of time aren’t useful or meaningful, think of what you could accomplish.

Commit to giving yourself 5 minutes a day, to do whatever you want and you will watch your priorities shift and more time will find its way to you. What might you be able to give, create, or discover if you stopped throwing out the pieces?

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